It is all about getting creative and having FUN!

How it Works

1.come in and choose a piece you wish to decorate - Pottery, decoupage or other crafts.

2. Choose your colours

3. Get creative!


There is a studio fee per painter of £4.90 - which includes any paints, brushes, etc you may need. Most prices range between £6 - £25.

There is something for every budget and occasion. 

Who is it for?

It is fun for all ages!

You can make keepsakes with your baby's foot and handprints from 3 months old. Toddlers and children can create a great gift for someone special or a treasure to keep.


Adults can also enjoy a relaxing, creative experience and decorate something special.


For Pottery pieces if painted with kiln paints, collect from 7 days once it has been made food safe and dishwasher friendly.